10 Pieces 10 Outfits: Spring and Summer

10 Pieces 10 Outfits: a guide to simplify your wardrobe while still looking fashionable! These outfits are perfect for warm spring and summer months.

Doing something a little different today… fashion! Over the last year I have really reconnected with my love of style and makeup. It has been really fun getting excited about mixing and matching pieces I already have and buying new pieces (most of which are secondhand).

I’m on campus almost every day going to class and doing work in the lab for my research position. So, I have to look decent. I want to look decent. It makes me feel confident to put on a cute outfit and some highlighter on my cheekbones!

I have a very simple and basic style: mostly neutral colors with some pops of fun colors, classic cuts, and pieces that can carry me from day to night. All of the 10 pieces I used are true to that style!

I was gifted a few pieces from Everlane*, who makes affordable, stylish basics that are made in ethical factories. I don’t buy many pieces new, but this is a brand I feel comfortable buying from!

For the 10 pieces, we’re not counting accessories like purses and jewelry. Here are the 10 pieces I used in these 10 outfits:

  1. White tee (Everlane*)
  2. White oxford shirt (thrifted)
  3. Thin white turtleneck (Everlane*)
  4. Black mockneck sweater (Everlane*)
  5. Denim jacket (thrifted)
  6. High-waist jeans (Everlane*)
  7. Wide leg crop pants (Everlane*)
  8. Black t-shirt dress (old)
  9. Black faux suede loafers (thrifted)
  10. Tan faux leather sandals (Matt & Nat)

1. White tee + high-waist jeans + tan sandals

2. Thin white turtleneck + high-waist jeans + tan sandals (plus a cute purse)

3. Black mockneck sweater + high-waist jeans + tan sandals

4. White oxford shirt + high-waist jeans + black loafers

5. Black mockneck sweater + wide leg crop pants + black loafers

6. Thin white turtleneck + wide leg crop pants + black loafers

7. White oxford shirt + wide leg crop pants + tan sandals

8. Black t-shirt dress + denim jacket + tan sandals

9. White tee + denim jacket + high-waist jeans + tan sandals

10. White tee + denim jacket + wide leg crop pants + black loafers

*affiliate link

This post is not sponsored, but Everlane did gift me the items mentioned in this post. Thanks, Everlane!