25 Delicious Vegan Chickpea Recipes

The ultimate list of vegan chickpea recipes. From chickpea cookie dough to chickpea tacos, this list is all garbanzo bean goodness.

The Ultimate List of Vegan Chickpea Recipes

Ah, the almighty chickpea. A true powerhouse pantry staple. It may just be my favorite bean (but I’ll always have plenty of space in my heart for all beankind). Clearly I’m not alone. I feel like theres a new chickpea snack or chickpea based grain-alternative product hitting grocery store shelves every week.

There’s something about chickpeas that I just LOVE. They’re super versatile and work in all types of recipes. They’re the base for falafel, the go-to for vegan tuna salad and can even be added to sweets for a protein and fiber boost.

To pay homage to the garbanzo bean, I’ve rounded up 25 of my favorite vegan chickpea recipes. We’ve got chickpea fritters, chickpea tacos, and even chickpea cookie dough – this list has it all.

P.S. – when you go to make one of these vegan chickpea recipes, save the liquid from the can! The aquafaba (aka liquid gold) can be used for so many things like vegan meringue, a vegan egg substitute in baking, and mousse.

1. Turmeric Baked Falafel 

Two pitas topped with lettuce, olives, cucumber slides, red onion, chopped tomatoes and four turmeric falafels each. The pita sandwiches are topped with a tahini drizzle

2. Vegan Sweet and Sour Chickpeas

A bowl of sweet and sour chickpeas served with rice and broccoli

3. Cheesy Chickpea Broccoli Rice Casserole

A glass casserole dish on a white countertop containing a cheesy chickpea casserole

4. Slow Cooker Chickpea Peanut Stew

A white bowl filled with chickpea peanut stew on the left and a serving of grains on the right. The bowl is surrounded by sprigs of parsley and a half a lime

5. Vegan Pot Pie with Chickpeas

A chickpea pot pie served in a casserole dish. One scoop has been served from the pot pie, revealing the vegetable filling

6. Curried Chickpea Wrap

Two halves of a curried chickpea wrap stacked on top of one another

7. Vegan Buffalo Chickpea Salad Sandwich

Two halves of a buffalo chickpea sandwich stacked on top of one another. The sandwich is topped with lettuce and tomato

8. Chickpea Caesar Pasta Salad

A bowl of pasta salad consisting of romaine, penne pasta, cherry tomatoes, caesar dressing and crispy chickpeas

9. Chickpea Cookie Dough Fudge

5 pieces of vegan chickpea cookie dough fudge stacked on top of a white plate against a black background

10. Avocado Chickpea Salad Collard Wraps

An avocado chickpea salad served in a collard wrap. A hand holds both halves of the wrap showcasing the filling

11. Vegan BBQ Chickpea Wrap

Two halves of a barbecue chickpea wrap stacked on top of one another on a white plate. The wrap contains a barbecue chickpea filling with corn, cucumbers and red bell peppers

12. Hawaiian Chickpea Veggie Burgers

A Hawaiian chickpea burger served on a bun with a piece of lettuce, and slices of avocado and pineapple

13. Roasted Chickpea Salad with Vegan Ranch Dressing

A romaine salad topped with red bell peppers, chives, and vegan ranch dressing

14. Chickpea Pumpkin Coconut Curry

A bowl of chickpea and pumpkin coconut curry served with buckwheat groats

15. Chocolate Covered Chickpea Protein Balls

A bowl of chickpea protein balls covered in a drizzle of chocolate

16. Easy Pumpkin Chickpea Fritters by Sweet Simple Vegan

Two hands serving a plate of pumpkin chickpea fritters. The fritters are topped with cilantro and served with hummus

17. 1-Pot Chickpea Noodle Soup by Minimalist Baker

Two bowls of chickpea noodle soup served alongside slices of a crusty white bread

18. Healthy Chickpea Chocolate Chip Cookies by From My Bowl

Two chickpea chocolate chip cookies served on a small white plate. One cookie has a bite taken out of it and a larger dish of cookies can be seen in the top left corner of the image

19. Vegan Chickpea Walnut Tacos by Hummasapien

Three vegan walnut and chickpea tacos on a gray stone countertop. The tacos are topped with guacamole and purple cabbage. A bowl of guacamole, a bowl of red cabbage and a bowl of salsa surround the tacos

20. Acorn Squash with Chickpeas & Chimichurri by Love and Lemons

An overhead shot of four plates, each with servings of quartered acorn squashes stuffed with chickpeas, chimichurri and some topped with yogurt. Bowls of chili flakes, pumpkin seeds, chimichurri and yogurt along with two glasses of red wine surround the plates

21. Spicy Vegetables and Chickpea with Pasta by Food by Maria

A plate holding a large serving of chickpeas, asparagus and broccolini on the left with spaghetti on the right

22. Moroccan Chickpea Meatballs by Making Thyme for Health

A cast iron skillet serving a red Moroccan sauce and chickpea meatballs. The sauce is topped with sprigs of cilantro. A small bowl of quinoa, a knob of ginger and a spring of cilantro surround the skillet

23. Fluffy Curried Socca (Chickpea Bread) by Minimalist Baker

A tin platter holding two pieces of socca, or chickpea bread. One pieces of socca has been torn into pieces. A small pizza cutter and jar of turmeric can be seen on the right side of the image

24. Mamas Chickpeas in Sofrito with Arroz con Grandules by Ambitious Kitchen

A bowl of chickpeas in sofrito served with arroz con grandules. The dish is topped with avocado slices and a sprig of cilantro

25. Lemony Broccoli, Chickpea and Avocado Pita Sandwiches by Cookie and Kate

Four pita sandwiches filled with broccoli, avocado and chickpeas, served in a white dish