20 Vegan Freezer Meal Prep Recipes

These 20 easy vegan recipes are perfect for freezer friendly meal prep! From burritos to soup, these vegan freezer meals are great in a pinch.

20 Vegan Freezer Meal Prep Recipes

We’ve definitely returned to the hustle and bustle of autumn! This time of year always seems to get so busy and it feels like a sprint towards the holidays. I find it SO helpful to prepare as many meals as possible in advance to make sure I always have a well-balanced and delicious meal ready to go on those days when I just don’t have an hour to spend in the kitchen.

Having freezer meals prepared gives me such a sense of accomplishment! Know what I mean? Not only does meal prepping save a LOT of time during busy seasons, but it also saves me money because I’m way less likely to order takeout if I already have meals in the freezer.

To help you build up your collection of freezeable meal prep recipes, I’ve rounded up 20 of my favorite vegan meal prep ideas that hold up well in the freezer! From casseroles to soups to stuffed peppers, these vegan recipes will please your entire family, can be safely stored for weeks and taste delicious even when reheated.

Without further ado, let’s dive into my top 20 freezer friendly meal prep recipes!

Vegan Casserole Recipes

Most vegan casserole recipes are great for freezer friendly meal prep because they’re so straightforward to make. All your ingredients get layered into one baking dish, and it can just be assembled and stashed in the freezer. Typically when I plan to make any sort of casserole for meal prep, I will bake it 75% of the way through, then when I’m ready to eat it, I’ll pull it out of the freezer and reheat it in the oven and allow it to finish baking. Here are a few of my favorite vegan casseroles to make for meal prep!

1. Vegan Enchilada Casserole

a casserole dish filled with vegan enchiladas topped with tomatoes, avocado, jalapenos and vegan cheese


2. Cheesy Chickpea Broccoli Rice Casserole

a casserole dish with a vegan cheese chickpea broccoli rice bake


3. Teriyaki Tofu Tempeh Casserole by The Simple Veganista

a casserole dish filled with rice, tempeh, broccoli, green peas, peppers and carrots


4. Butternut Squash and Brown Rice Casserole by From My Bowl

a spoon digging into a bowl of vegan butternut squash casserole



Vegan Soups and Stews

What’s more comforting than knowing you have a delicious batch of chili stashed in the freezer on a snowy night? Most soups and stews freeze well, but these are some of my favorites for meal prep because they come together easily and are perfect for making a double batch. When you go to freeze your soup, I recommend separating the batch out into containers with 1-2 servings each. That way you don’t have to thaw out the entire soup if you just need to eat once.

5. Classic Vegan Chili

two bowls of vegan chili each topped with scallions, vegan cheese and vegan sour cream


6. Vegan Slow Cooker Black Bean Soup

a bowl of black bean soup topped with vegan sour cream, cilantro, avocado and tortilla chips


7. Vegan Chicken Chili Verde

two bowls of vegan chili verde served with tortilla chips and vegan sour cream


8. Slow Cooker Chickpea Peanut Stew

a plate of vegan peanut pumpkin stew served with farro


Freezer Friendly Burritos and Sandwiches

Sure it’s easy to grab a box of frozen burritos or burgers from the store, but it’s so much cheaper to make your own! Carve out some time on the weekend to make a big batch of veggie burgers or burritos, wrap them up in foil, and stash them in your freezer for quick and easy meals to keep on hand when you’re in a pinch!

9. Chipotle Tofu Burritos

two halves of a vegan burrito stuffed with tofu, veggies and rice


10. Black Bean Quinoa Veggie Burgers

a cookie sheet topped with vegan quinoa black bean patties


11. Easy Black Bean Vegan Empanadas by Connoisseurus Veg

a plate of vegan empanadas served with cilantro and salsa


12. Moroccan Chickpea Hand Pies by Rainbow Nourishments

a tray of vegan chickpea handpies


Vegan Meal Prep Pasta Recipes

Not all pastas freeze super well, so I’ve pulled together my favorite freezer friendly pasta recipes to help you take the guesswork out of it! In general, baked pastas will hold up fairly well in the freezer. You can even portion them out into smaller servings before popping the finished product in the freezer so that you can just pull out what you need.

13. Vegan Lasagna

two plates, each with a serving of vegan lasagna


14. Vegan Baked Ziti

a casserole dish filled with vegan baked ziti cut into 8 slices


15. Pumpkin Pasta Bake by Plant-Based on a Budget

a spoon scooping into a baking dish filled with vegan pumpkin pasta that has been topped with breadcrumbs


16. Vegan Creamy Mushroom Pasta Bake by Home-Cooked Roots

a dish of vegan baked mushroom pasta


Freezer Friendly Vegan Breakfast Recipes

Nothing’s worse than waking up late, rushing through your morning routine and feeling like you don’t have time to eat. No matter how late you’re running, it’s so important to make time to eat breakfast! That’s where keeping freezer friendly breakfasts on hand can be a real life-saver! Vegan breakfast burritos, pancakes and casseroles are all perfect to freeze and reheat when you need them!

17. Freezer Breakfast Burrito

two halves of a vegan breakfast burrito


18. Vegan Breakfast Casserole

a casserole dish of vegan baked breakfast casserole


19. Peanut Butter Banana Chocolate Chunk Baked Oatmeal

a slice of baked oatmeal topped with blueberries served with a bowl of maple syrup


20. Banana Chocolate Chip Vegan French Toast Casserole

a dish of french toast casserole topped with banana slices and berries