25 Vegan Power Bowls for Easy Packable Lunches

These vegan power bowls are the perfect packable lunches for busy weeks! All 25 of these vegan lunch bowls hold up well in the fridge all week long!

25 Vegan Power Bowls for Easy Packable Lunches

I feel like the meal prep world can be a little polarizing for people. You either LOVE meal prep and swear by it to simplify your life, or you’re one of those people who immediately dismisses the idea of eating the same thing all week long. Well my friends, I have a happy medium for you that I think we can all get down with! The magic solution? Lunch bowls! Or power bowls, nourish bowls, macro bowls. Whatever you want to call them.

Macro bowls are exactly what they sound like – they’re bowls filled with components that deliver a great balance of macronutrients. Not only will they keep you feeling nourished and energized, but they’re perfect for meal prep! Instead of preparing a whole meal and dividing the whole thing up into all your meal prep containers, you can make all the separate ingredients and assemble your lunch bowl each day to play with the ratios, sauces and garnishes to keep things interesting all week long.

There are so many different flavors that you can apply to a power bowl. From burrito bowls, to vegan sushi bowls, and mediterranean falafel bowls, the options really are endless, so I’m sharing 25 recipes for you to try! All of them are easy to make and easy to customize. Let me know which one you try first!


1. Black Bean Power Bowl with Avocado Pesto

two power bowls filled with grains, black beans, greens and cauliflower


2. Sriracha Tofu Power Bowl with Forbidden Rice and Mango

a black rice bowl filled with mango, tofu and sliced vegetables


3. Turmeric Baked Falafel Bowls

a falafel bowl with four falafel patties served over greens with olives, onions and tomatoes


4. Southern BBQ Tofu Bowl with Vegan Grits & Collard Greens

southern inspired bowls with vegan grits, bbq tofu, collard greens and sweet potato patties


5. 5 Minute Vegan Burrito Bowl

a vegan burrito bowl with rice, black beans, corn, peppers, guacamole and greens


6. Cuban-Inspired Black Bean Plantain Bowls

a bowl of brown rice served with black beans, mango and plantains


7. Vegan Sushi Bowls

a vegan sushi bowl with cucumber, carrots, edamame, seaweed and brown rice


8. Jerk Tofu Power Bowl with Pineapple and Veggies

two Jerk tofu bowls with pineapple, greens and veggies


9. Rice Bowl with Spicy Peanut Sauce

a rice bowl served with broccoli, tofu and a spicy peanut sauce


10. Vegan Poke Bowl

a vegan poke bowl with teriyaki tofu, greens, cucumber, carrots and avocado


11. Spicy Black Eyed Pea Nourish Bowls by Minimalist Baker

a sweet potato bowl served with spiced black eyed peas and greens


12. Quick and Easy Spiced Lentil Bowl by Plant Based RD

a bowl of rice and greens topped with avocado and cooked veggies and beans


13. Asparagus Mushroom Bowls with Garlic Herb Tofu by From My Bowl

a bowl of grains, tofu and sauteed veggies topped with a creamy tahini sauce


14. Green Rice and Veggie Nourish Bowls by Eat With Clarity

a vegan power bowl with rice, olives, avocado and sweet potatoes


15. Roasted Veggie Glow Bowls by Dishing Out Health

a vegan cauliflower bowl with quinoa, avocado and cooked veggies


16. Maple Mustard Tempeh Bowl by Sweet Potato Soul

a vegan macro bowl with potatoes, pumpkin seeds, greens and sauerkraut


17. Vegan Buffalo Chickpea Bowls by Jar of Lemons

a chickpea bowl with avocado, spiralized carrots and broccoli


18. Vegan Korean BBQ King Oyster Mushroom Samgyupsal Bowls by The Woks of Life

a korean bbq mushroom bowl served over white rice with kimchi and greens


19. Smoky Cauliflower Chimichurri Bowls by Feasting at Home

a vegan nourish bowl with black beans, cabbage, avocado, herbs and sauteed veggies


20. Spicy Potato Kale Bowls with Mustard Tahini Dressing by This Savory Vegan

a vegan kale bowl with spicy sweet potatoes and a creamy vegan dressing


21. Tofu Broccoli Bowls with Carrot Ginger Dressing by Love & Lemons

two vegan power bowls with tofu, avocado, brown rice and broccoli with a carrot ginger dressing


22. Vegan White Bean Meatballs with Mojo Sauce by Delish Knowledge

white bean walnut meat balls served over white rice with a mojo sauce


23. Pulled Jackfruit Bowls by Lazy Cat Kitchen

a pulled jackfruit bowl with shredded carrots over rice


24. Spiced Pinto Bean Bowls by Naturally Ella

a spicy pinto bean bowl with avocados, onions and brown rice


25. Cauliflower Quinoa Tabouli Bowls by Running on Real Food

a bowl of kale, vegan tabouli, pickled onions and olives